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About Us

We got our start in 2011 when we came to visit Panama for a holiday. Fell in love at first sight with Bocas del Toro, a paradise with everything two entrepreneurs could dream of.

We decided to follow our instincts; quit our jobs in Spain and pursue a non-traditional lifestyle of adventure, creativity and discovery in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

For both entrepreneurs, operating from our laptops surrounded by monkeys, tucans, hummingbirds, white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters, proved to be an optimal creative environment.

We created this app to share our love for Bocas del Toro, support the community, and provide others with an insider’s knowledge of what to do, when, where, why, and how best to do.

Ángel Alonso

Is a graduate in Industrial Engineering, a career officer in the Superior Council for Scientific Research specializing in R+D+i, a technologist, multidisciplinary creator, designer and inventor with several patents and a background in mobile applications development.

Ruth Faquina

Phd, Marketing & Branding 2.0 and post-graduate in Radical Innovation at MIT, is a strategy & innovation global consultant expert in branding and digital innovation, a speaker and storychanger, with her finger constantly on the pulse of new developments.

Both continue to consult for clients worldwide and actively participate as speakers and workshop leaders for multiple events.

Bocas Mobi is a travel app project created by insiders. Our mission is to support the community by sharing what we have discovered in this remote place, Bocas del Toro Panama, with others hoping to discover its most beautiful secrets, beaches, surf breaks, dive spots, tours, and best places to sleep, eat and drink.

Get local Bocas del Toro flavor in the palm of your hand!

This app is designed for Apple, Android or Windows phone; Smartphones & Tablets.