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Bocas del Toro App

Bocas Mobi is a free tourisme app project created by insiders. Our mission is to support the community by sharing what we have discovered in this remote place, Bocas del Toro Panama, with others hoping to discover its most beautiful secrets, beaches, surf breaks, dive spots, tours, and best places to sleep, eat and drink.

Get local Bocas del Toro flavor in the palm of your hand!

This app is designed for Apple, Android or Windows Phone; Smartphones & Tablets.

“This APP is completely free and has no advertising system involved.
None of the companies, or third parties listed have paid to appear.
Is a free model create to help Bocas del Toro heritage & culture.

Is a nonprofit APP”

A complete travel and tourism guide to Bocas del Toro, Panama, with tourism hotspots, travel ideas, best beaches, tourist attractions, surf breaks, dive and snorkeling spots, restaurants, shops, hotels and much more.

Surfers, divers, explorers, adventurers, backpackers, families, and tourists never had such an easy option for getting the whole scoop on Bocas del Toro. More than 250 GPS spots were chosen for your convenience.

Whatever your plan, Bocas Mobi App provides thorough information about all the restaurants and specials, hotels, tours, trips, weather, special events, happy hours, supermarkets, shops, transport, emergency services, and Tripadvisor reviews. You can also call a taxi and local businesses directly from the app.

Bocas del Toro App - Panama - Bocas Mobi
Bocas del Toro App - Panama - Bocas Mobi

Super easy to use thanks to the app’s integrated GPS system, providing location and routes calculated by GoogleMaps.

Includes a route planner for traveling from Bocas Town to the best spots on the island – surf breaks, beaches, restaurants, dive spots, shops, pharmacies – on foot, by bicycle, car and taxi boat!

Secret places discovered by insiders are suggested for you enjoyment.

We created this app in order to share our love for Bocas del Toro and provide others with an insider’s knowledge of what to do, when, where, why and how best to do.

Bocas del Toro App - Panama - Bocas Mobi

Now it’s your turn:

Bocas del Toro App - Panama - Bocas Mobi